Create a new NAS share

To create a new NAS share navigate to Filer and select Shares. Click the New button. You are now presented with the New Share dialog and need to choose from which disk you want to share folders, click Next.

Fill in the following details
Share name: Give a easy to remember name for this share
Select folder: Select the folder you want to share
Select group access: Select which group you want to be able to access this share across the local network and home anywhere.

Click Submit to create the new share.

You can now access the share on your network by browsing to your file explorer and either selecting Entire Network to show NAS servers or It might be present already under the name HCS, select the NAS which will present you with available shares to connect to. Select the newly created share. You will prompted for your login information. Use the correct username and password based on the group access assigned to the new share. Your new share is now available for use.

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