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The Ayos HCS supports multiple users to create a better overall experience for the whole family, with user profiles and access per family member. Allowing each user to access NAS shares, app logins and their own home page using Ayos Single Sign On (SSO) locally. No privacy invading cloud based SSO. Your data always stays local on your HCS.

To create a new user, navigate to System and then click Users. You can see a list of users configured on the Ayos HCS.

To create a new user, click on the New button. In the New User dialog input a Username, Display Name and Password and click Save.

A new user is now created including a personal shared folder, which can be accessed through the NAS service.

The user credentials can be used to access the Nextcloud app and NAS shares that the user has access to. To create a personalised home page these user credentials can also be used.

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