Quickstart: Setting up your HCS

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Getting Started Guide

What's in the box
1x Ayos HCS
1x Power Cable
2x CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Connecting your HCS in your network.

Connecting up your Ayos HCS
As shown in the picture connect one CAT6 ethernet cable to the WAN port of the Ayos HCS and connect the other end to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) router on the LAN port.
Connect the second CAT6 ethernet cable to your wireless access point (AP) or directly connect it to your PC, which will be used to setup the HCS.
Power on the Ayos HCS, the HCS takes about 1 minute to boot up.
Open your preferred web browser and connect to http://hcs.lan to start our setup wizard.

Setup wizard Ayos HCS
Locale selection, allows you to select your preferred language and select your timezone, click Next to continue.
Internet connectivity will now be verified using DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol). If internet connectivity is validated you can continue by clicking next. If internet connectivity is not validated, it could be that you need to configure a static IP depending on your ISP router configuration. If the internet connectivity is not stable this could be causing internet validation issues as well.
Setup the admin user by providing a username (login name), display name and password. This will be the admin user and allows you to manage your Ayos HCS.
If you own the two disk Ayos HCS, then you are now done and you can click finish.
You can now go to your Home page (http://home.lan) or to your Admin page (http://hcs.lan).

Setup wizard Ayos HCS with four disks continued
If you own the four disk Ayos HCS, then select your media disk layout by selecting if you would prefer to have your two solid-state disks (SSD) configured as standalone disks, RAID0 or RAID1. RAID0 allows you to combine the two disks and their diskspace into one large disk. RAID1 allows you to use one disk and the second disk being the redundant disk. System disks are always setup in Ayos mirrored configuration for optimal protection. Make your preferred selection which later could be changed still if you decide you prefer a different setup. Click finish to finalise the Ayos HCS setup.
The wizard finishes and allows you to go to your home page to personalise to your taste or you can login to the management page to manage your HCS further.

Your Home page